The Chiu Lab is an interdisciplinary team affiliated with the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center and Department of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh. Our mission is to bridge cutting-edge computational algorithms to unmet needs in precision medicine. Read more about the PI.

Research Highlights

shinyDeepDR is a user-friendly tool designed for predicting anti-cancer drug sensitivity using our innovative deep learning model, DeepDR. With shinyDeepDR, users can effortlessly perform an in silico screening of 265 approved and investigational compounds by uploading mutation and/or gene expression data from a cancer sample. Read the article.

DepLink is a web server to identify genetic and pharmacologic perturbations that induce similar effects on cell viability or molecular changes. It integrates heterogeneous datasets of genome-wide CRISPR loss-of-function screens, high-throughput pharmacologic screens, and gene expression signatures of perturbations. Read the article.

BHI is the flagship conference of the IEEE-EMBS (IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society) and serves as a unique forum for informatics and computing in healthcare and life sciences. We organized the Educational Activities including tutorials, panels, and student travel awards supported by the NSF and the NIH.

Extending in vitro CRISPR screens to in vivo applications 

Our Science Advances paper presents a novel “transfer learning” scheme that integrates cancer multi-omics and extends in vitro genetic screens to impracticable-to-screen tumors. The study was highlighted by @NCIgenomics as the #1 paper of 2021. Read the article.


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