The Chiu Lab is an interdisciplinary team affiliate with the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center and Department of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh. Our mission is to bridge cutting-edge computational algorithms to unmet needs in precision oncology.

Research highlights

Extending in vitro CRISPR screens to in vivo applications

Our latest Science Advances paper presents a novel “transfer learning” scheme that integrates cancer multi-omics and extends in vitro genetic screens to impracticable-to-screen tumors. The study was highlighted by @NCIgenomics as the #1 paper of 2021. Read the article.

AI-based in silico drug screening

Accurate prediction of cancer cells’ response to treatments is a key towards precision oncology. We developed an innovative, accurate AI model that virtually screens for ~300 anti-cancer drugs. Our study was selected as Springer Nature Research Highlights in Genetics of 2019 and has been cited for 100+ times within two years. Read the article.


  • 1/2023. Dr. Chiu receives a pilot award from the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Developmental Pilot Program with Dr. Yu-Chih Chen (MPI) to implement an intelligent drug screening device for single cancer cells.

  • 12/2022. We will be presenting at AACR-JCA Joint Conference 2022 @ Maui, HI.

  • 11/2022. Dr. Chiu is invited to present in the "BHI Technical and Educational Lecture" organized by the IEEE EMBS Community on Biomedical & Health Informatics (BHI).

  • 9/2022. Dr. Chiu is selected as the "2022 Hillman Early Career Fellow for Innovative Cancer Research" by the Hillman Foundation.

  • 8/2022. We will be presenting at ICIBM 2022 @ Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Chiu is co-chairing the session “Artificial Intelligence on Big Data: Promise for Early-stage Trainees.”

  • 7/2022. We will be presenting at ISMB 2022 @ Madison, WI.

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Our lab is located at The Assembly – where history, innovation, technology, and medicine meet!